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Provide career development resources and guidance services and for young adults

Our mission is to provide direction, counseling, mentorship, guidance services and resources for inner-city, disadvantaged, and all other young adults to assist them in finding their goals, and aiding their ability to make a decision about their future. We want to be a sanctuary for inner–city youth giving them an alternative form of after school activities and supplemental education. We want to provide low -income communities with an answer to the “Lost Child” by providing a solution that can truly help those in need with career guidance and developmental resources. We want to provide the resources and funding that can allow him or her to develop their God-given skills and talents.

To accomplish our purpose we have created Career Resource Terminals (CRT) and a Career Resource Center (CRC). The CRT is a computer terminal to be placed at high school libraries and/or counseling offices and provide students with career resources. The Career Resource Center (CRC) is a facility that contains a career library, career counselors, mentors, Internet lab, a multi-purpose room, and various amenities.

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