Goal Setting Resource Center Components

Non-Profit Gallery/Reception
This space informs, registers, and admits patrons. This space is filled with publications, posters, and other literature from various non-profit organizations. The space is designed with wall and stand-alone display fixtures.

Food Court
This space provides a break area for patrons. This space is essentially a small cafeteria with tables, chairs, refrigerator, vending machines, and donated food and drink deliveries.
Multi-Purpose Room
This space is a clean activity room for the following provisions: presentations, after school activities, guest speakers, workshops, seminars, classes, award assemblies, and more.

This space provides career guidance, Career Library, and resource assistance. This space is where patrons can meet with staffed and volunteer counselors to plan their course of action, maintain progress, or just to have someone to talk to.
Career Library
This space allows patrons to research their goals and find the appropriate resources. Some of the resources are occupational, personality, IQ tests, and school and career information. This space is lined with shelves, seating, and copiers.

Internet Lab
This space allows patrons to research their goals and find the appropriate resource beyond the capabilities of the Career Library. This space is where patrons research careers, gather information on their goals, use educational software, and enjoy browsing the Internet or playing games. This space is designed with desks, terminals, servers, and printers.
Fantainment Local Office
This space is where staff (administrative, marketing and development, and facility management) will operate.
This space supports the facility houseing restrooms and storage, telecommunications, and mechanical spaces.

Circulation consists of hallways, lobbies, vestibules, and threshold portals allowing patrons and staff to move easily