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Goal Setting Resource Centers

The Goal Setting Resource Center is a learning sanctuary; providing guidance, knowledge, confidence, motivation, and educational funding that can develop self-realization, skills, and talents. It is designed to be a 10,000sf minimum facility operating with an eighteen (18) person staff. It has an unique design and configuration, but its planning allows for it to accommodate any existing facility.

Our Vision
To be for the brain what the YMCA is for the body. The design, resources, counselors, and activities conducted throughout the center will reflect order and intelligence.

Goal Setting Resource Center Components
Goal Setting Resource Center Concept Plans
Goal Setting Resource Center Concept Elevations

Presently we rising funds to develop our first center in northern California. In the near future, we plan to expand statewide, nationally, and hopefully internationally. If you would like to assist us in developing a GSRC in your area, please review our Development Wish List for information on the needed components.

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